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About JC Materials Company

JC Materials Company, an industry leader in surplus distribution, buys and sells chemical raw materials of all kinds. We provide solutions for unwanted inventory and exceptional savings on surplus chemicals. Our extensive database of customers and suppliers is built on more than 50 years of experience in the chemical industry.

Advantages to selling us your surplus chemicals:

  • We will make quick and reasonable offers for any surplus, obsolete, off-spec, slow-moving, expired, or otherwise unwanted chemicals you may wish to clear from your inventory. General categories of chemicals of interest to us include, but are not limited to: cleaning products, cosmetic ingredients, solvents, waxes, personal care ingredients, lubricants, paints and coatings, surfactants, fragrances, resins, gums, pigments, dyes, plasticizers, food ingredients, adhesives - basically all industrial chemicals from A to Z.
  • JC Materials Company pays promptly for all chemicals purchased, and we handle and pay for the freight on all transactions. We utilize warehouses in various strategically selected cities throughout the country.
  • We save you money on disposal costs and find alternative usages for your unwanted chemicals
  • All our business transactions are confidential. We can remove any markings before placing your products.

Advantages to buying chemicals from us:

  • We offer surplus chemicals at greatly discounted prices from regular market, saving our customers money that directly and visibly affect their bottom line.

JC Materials Company

JC Materials Company

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